Credit Technology Automation


CTAplus that realize Automation based on
Credit and Technology
We sell the customized measuring instruments with our own design.
  • Torque sensor that measures static and dynamic torque and RPM of the rotating devices
  • Displacement sensor to measure the length including linear potentiometer, LVDT, and cable sensor
  • Load cell that measures load and tensile pressures, and and digital indicator to display the measured values
We mass-produce solenoid valves for a variety of gas fuels.
  • Secure global standards of the quality (acquired UL certificate of North America and Australian AGA certificate)
  • Achieve zero defect from customers
  • Development of solenoid valve for next generation
We realize the industrial automation and offer the B2B manufacturing-based platform.
  • Selling and technical support for AUBO cooperative robots
  • Offer the B2B platform for manufacturers
To open up a convenient and better future for the world, CTAplus never stops.
Your supports and interests would be highly appreciated.